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Atmosphere: Park Avenue by CrisisOmega Atmosphere: Park Avenue by CrisisOmega
Park Avenue was a straight line to the Termini Building. A huge canyon of steel and concrete stretching hundred of metres into the skies, trees and vines climbing up them and spilling leaves out into the space between the buildings, all stretching down to the MetLife building at the end. Now completely windowless, the bottom half green with plant-life the top half completely bare except for the top few floors sealed up and with TERMINI written in white paint in huge letters. Isaac was silent, still fazed by the revelation in the United Arms laboratory, he clambered over the old cars abandoned millennia again and turned to help Daniel across them without a word. Up above amongst the skyscrapers massive vines ran from one to the other on opposite sides of the avenue like a bridge and Daniel wondered if they could take the weight of a person, they certainly looked big enough. Unlike the raging river that spilled into Times Square from the water fall on 58th street only a tiny stream trickled down Park Avenue that barely reached half way up the wheels of the cars, those of which were covered in a blanket of moss and small leafy plants. Small colourful flowers with petals of reds and blues lined the banks of the stream and the bushes behind were so thick you could barely see the first few floors of the buildings. If it hadn't been a most horrific apocalypse that had paved way for all this he would have thought it were beautiful.
maeganharless Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Professional Photographer
I have a client that would really like to use this image as a banner on her website's homepage. If she was to give you credit under her 'affiliations' page would you be OK with allowing her to use this image for such purposes?
Please let me know either by replying back on here or by emailing me at

Thank you for your time.
DarkendXelo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
awsome use of collage if thats hows its spelt, if only we had places like this in life we could have one big air soft/ paintball game
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